'kay, i have to force myself to keep this list short and sweet otherwise i'd list every person i follow because i love them all for making my dash so damn beautiful. if you'd like to see everyone i follow though, just check my blogroll c: but these are just a few that i would consider some of my favourite blogs and people on tumblr. i am in awe of their talents, not to mention very jealous of them, and i honestly think that they are some of the sweetest, most amazing people ever; even if i haven't talked to some. i really don't know what else to say without sounding like more of a dork, so, um, thank you guys for being you and making tumblr incredibly awesome. <3
  1. oakenbeard said: In all honestly, I wasn’t expecting to be on this! I am untalented and lame but just wow. Seriously, I’m so honored! Thank you Elora <3
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    Oh my goodness, thank you so much! Ah! Really, thank you. :)
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